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Koh Rong – The Call Of The Void

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Boats off the coast of Cambodia at dusk

It wasn’t the smartest idea I’d ever had. 

We were sat on a ramshackle wooden fishing vessel – practically a canoe with an outboard motor bolted on the end of it – somewhere out in the Gulf of Thailand. It was night-time. Behind our tiny vessel, a mile or so away, we could make out a small cluster of lights, what the locals rather ambitiously dubbed ‘the Village’. And behind that there was nothing. 

I mean, really nothing – the biggest, vastest expanse of nothing I’d ever seen. Had it been a starry night, or a full moon, you might have made out the jagged outline of the rest of the island of Koh Rong, the lights of the Village cradled between humps of densely-forested hilltops. But it wasn’t, and we couldn’t.

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