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In Defence of Singapore

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Singapore skyline at night
Copyright 2018 Tornwarat Khobuanarn

Singabore. A mall with an airport attached. Disneyland with the Death Penalty.

It’s fair to say that Singapore has a less-than-magnificent reputation among travellers. To many visitors, it’s sterile, authoritarian, soulless and chronically overpriced – the Dubai or Zurich of South-East Asia.

I’ve been to Singapore twice now, and while I’d never describe it as an essential destination, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself both times. I think there’s some truth to some of these criticisms – it is expensive, it can seem a little sterile at times, and there’s no getting away from the fact that the ultra-wealthy city state isn’t afraid to indulge its control-freak tendencies at times. However, I also don’t think they tell the whole story.Continue Reading