At Large In Tokyo

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Busy Square In Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan at dusk
Copyright © 2018 Tornwarat Khobuanarn

As soon as my plane touched down at Narita Airport, I felt a rush of excitement at being back in Japan.

I’d visited the country a few years before, and had made a lot of noise to anyone unfortunate enough to be in hearing distance about moving to the place some day. I loved it that much.

Now I was back – and while my last trip had been a flying visit to Osaka and Nagasaki (by financial necessity, all my trips to Japan are flying visits), now I was free and at large in Tokyo.

When I think back to my adventures in Tokyo, it’s like a montage from an 80s movie. Everything seems to pass by in jump-cuts – here a plate of yakitori, there a neon-soaked alleyway, here the calm of a Shinto shrine, there the mingling smells of cigarette smoke and a steaming bowl of ramen. The eerily silent crowds, the spotlessly clean streets, the little electronic jingles that play on the subway. I loved it all.

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